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Sell Us Your Jewelry

Have Old Jewelry You Never Wear? We Buy ANYTHING Gold or Diamond
48-Hour Estimate

Jewelry estimates are given to you fast ensuring fair market evaluation


Each piece is put through extensive testing providing most accurate results

5-Star Service

Never worry about your valued items being at risk, incorrect estimation, and most importantly receiving payment!

Immediate Payment

Getting paid has never been easier at YOUR convenience!

Totally hassle FREE!

3 Easy Steps

Get Contacted by Us

          After 2-3 Business days someone will reach out via Phone to discuss the analysis of your Jewelry Piece. Based on the information you originally provided on your application, if our report is similar/exact upon receiving your Jewelry, you will be honored the same price you were given in your Estimate!

Submit Estimation Request

  • Click the application link below and follow the required specifications needed! The more information you can provide, the more exact of an estimate we can get you for your jewelry!
  • When uploading photos of your Jewelry Piece, be sure you take 4 PICTURES TOTAL of the angles listed below!

          -Front, Right, Left, Back Side of each Piece!


After application approval, receiving your payment will take no longer than 24Hrs using ANY of the payment options below!

  • Cashapp
  • Venmo
  • Paypal
  • Apple Pay

and lastly...

  • CASH!!


Start Application Here!

Time to clean out that jewelry box? Take only 5 minutes to complete the Hassle-FREE application to sell us your old jewelry based on MOST CURRENT Gemstone/Precious Metal market TODAY!

Educate Yourself!

Explore the importance of the Precious Metal and Gemstone market in 2021.


“Fantastic! I’m completely blown away by how fast I received my payment for my broken chain!”
- Joanna Rose