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Start Selling Jewelry

Wholesale Manufacturing

of Custom Jewelry

Dayyani Jewelers is a Wholesale Manufacture of quality Custom Gold and Diamond Grillz/Jewelry nationwide. We have many affiliates who went from selling jewelry part time to now pursuing custom jewelry full time. We provide our clients with exceptional customer service and make processing orders as smoothly as possible. Social Media apps such as Offer Up, Facebook, and Instagram have really helped our business affiliates maximize their brand exposure leading to more sales. If you are interested in learning how you can start selling jewelry today read the guide below.

Fast Turn-around

Our manufacturing facility can process hundreds of Grillz and Custom pieces weekly. Once your molds/custom piece requests are in orders are processed and started.

Quality Guarantee

The Custom Jewelry manufactured by us will always be authentic Gold and Diamond Jewelry. We work delicately to ensure the best quality for our affiliates and their customers.

Phone Support

We are always available to offer support on our end to help your orders process efficiently. Call us with your questions and/or concerns at the number below.

Getting Started

See if you Qualify

Start with word to mouth to your friends, family, and community and see how receptive they are to the idea of purchasing Gold/Diamond Jewelry or Grillz. Try to build a network of people who would be interested in any type of jewelry.

Creating your Brand

  • Create an online presence through social media platforms that would help promote your brand. If you already have accounts with decent following that's a great start and would make promoting products much easier. Lot of times your own network of friends, family and/or acquaintances are the best source to sell Jewelry to.

Complete the Online Application 

  • Below will be a link to where you can fill out the online application and one of us would reach out to you and follow up.


  • On our website, visit our Custom Jewelry page so you would be able to have a better understanding of how we create custom jewelry. If you click on the 3 options (custom rings, pendants, and grillz) you can see the type of question we require to be answered to have a better understanding of what each customer wants along with their preferred budget.

  +1 (866)329-9264

 7500 Bellaire Blvd.

The Jewelry Building, Suite 821

Houston, TX