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Wholesale Custom Jewelry Manufacturing

Why Dayyani Jewelers

Craftsmanship You Trust

Dayyani Jewelers is an established Wholesale Manufacture of quality Custom Gold and Diamond Jewelry/Grillz nationwide, with 30 years experience in the Jewelry business and our Jewelry pieces that we create all in-house are on the cutting edge of Jewelry trends. We have many affiliates who went from selling jewelry part time to now pursuing custom jewelry full time. We strive to provide an exceptional customer service experience for our Wholesalers; to make processing orders run efficiently allowing us to eliminate delays and ensure your client's satisfaction.

When choosing a Jewelry Manufacturer, you are beginning a relationship. While you can find Jewelry Vendors of many types worldwide; to ensure you and your clients love the jewelry you purchase with confidence, it all starts with who has an established credibility and reputation. As GIA Certified Gemologists, Dayyani Jewelers promises to deliver the highest quality product by following the best practices set by GIA.

If you are interested in learning how you can start selling jewelry today read the guide below.

Fast Turn-around

Our manufacturing facility can process hundreds of Grillz and Custom pieces weekly. Once your molds/custom piece requests are in orders are processed and started.

Quality Guarantee

The Custom Jewelry manufactured by us will always be authentic Gold and Diamond Jewelry. We work delicately to ensure the best quality for our affiliates and their customers.

1 on 1 support

We are always available to offer support on our end to help your orders process efficiently. Work 1 on 1 with a rep with questions and/or guidance processing your orders.

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Guide to Becoming a Wholesaler

Getting Started

Requirements &


Before getting into the Jewelry/Grillz business, or any business, it is always good to evaluate the consumer base within your community. Are Jewelry/Custom Grillz a hot item in your city? Do a lot of individuals talk about, purchase and/or wear jewelry? Is music culutre highly adopted? These are just a few ways to start getting an idea of whether or not this would be a good opportunity for you to build your brand. If you feel strongly about moving forward you can then begin doing the following:

  • Use word-of-mouth with friends, family and your community to see how receptive they are to the idea of purchasing Grillz
  • Begin thinking of strategies to push and promote your brand and quality of work that is most effective near you

Creating your

company brand

In this step you are beginning to build the foundation of your Brand and potentially your OWN Company! Brainstorming different ideas for names that you could incorporate; and getting feedback from people within your network would help with making a decision that fits best with you. Once you have finalized what your brand name will be, you can then begin the process of creating brand profiles and posting product content on social media platforms. 

Content Creation and Promotion Tactics:

  •  Creating a company name, Instagram and Facebook page that preferrably has the word Jewelry/Grillz in it. 
  • View @GrillzByDayyani & @DayyaniJewelers to see examples
  • Once you start making sales, it is always best to create and use photos/videos from those particular orders. 
  • After a decent amount of content is on your page, it would be smart to begin investing some money into facebook and instagram promotions of the best videos in order to gain much more exposure to your page

Supplying your


In this section, we will briefly discuss what is necessary and essential to starting your Custom Grillz company. Of course when doing grillz, the most important factor is the molding process. To ensure the customer receives a PERFECT custom fitted Grillz, the molds have to be performed correctly down to the exact second which is provided on the instructions sheet. On you right, you will see all the necessary supplies that are recommended/required to carry out day-to-day operations.

Supply Now

Finalizing the


Dayyani Jewelers Requirements

Before we can start manufacturing your grillz orders at WHOLESALE PRICES, we require all of our new wholesalers to hit a 5 order threshold. This means your first 5 orders will have to be set at retail price located on our website (

Once you surpass the first 5 orders we can provide you with the wholesale pricing list for ALL Grillz styles. The reason we have this requirement in-place is to ensure the new wholesalers are in-fact serious about starting their brand and are not just trying to take advantage of the discounted prices. 

Finalizing the Sale

Once requirements are met:

  • Refer to the Wholesaler Price document that you will receive.
  • Finding customers by posting on selling apps such as: Etsy, Offerup, Craigslist, Ebay, LetGo, 5 Mile, Facebook Marketplace, Instagram etc.
  • Using word of mouth with friends, family and most importantly your previous customers. Try to come up with creative ways that give your customers incentive to spread the word about the quality of your work!

Complete the Application

Below will be a link to where you can fill out the online application. Complete the form with as much details as possible, one of our wholesale representatives will reach out to you and follow up.
Please allow 1-3 Business Days response time. For faster service, please call us at our customer service number to check the status.

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