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  • Custom Jewelry

Once you have decided on the Custom Jewelry you want, click on the picture representing the piece of your choosing and fill out for form accordingly. It would also help our designers if you could provide us a sketch or a representation to the specific liking of your custom piece. After you've completed, one of our representatives will reach out and speak with you to help have a better understanding of the design you imagined. Pricing will also be discussed over the phone once specifications are set.

The Design Team will share the initial drafts of your Custom Jewelry piece until you have given the final approval. Our 3D printing systems will print the wax of your uniquely designed custom piece and craft the metal into a flawless copy of the printed wax. Diamond and any other Gemstones would be set on the piece by our goldsmith with care and precision. You have the option of having the product shipped to you anywhere in the world or picked up at our local Houston location.

  • Custom Grillz

At Dayyani Jewelers we offer a wide selection of different Custom Grillz to choose from. Take a minute and look over all the Authentic Grillz products we provide, we may have the one you are looking for! We try to go the extra mile and create a Custom Grill unique only to you. Click on the Grillz icon and submit a request.

When you submit a request, we will send you a Do-It-Yourself Dental Impression Kit.

The Kit will contain the materials to make a dental impression, a step-by-step guide with detailed instructions.

Once we receive your finished dental impression, We will custom make your custom grill and send you back the finished product (along with the dental impressions, in case you'd like to order again in the future).


Provide us with specifications for the custom work you desire

  Drafts of the final product are shared for your approval

  Finished Jewelry shipped out directly to you WorldWide!

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