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What do I do if I receive a faulty item in my order?

If you receive an item that is damaged or has missing gemstones, notify us immediately via email and/or telephone to describe the damaged item along with pictures if possible. Once approved for an exchange, ship the item back to the returning address for us to inspect and fix the issue. If the defective part on the item is not fixable, we will have a new product made and sent out to you or be given store credit for the purchase value of the last item towards any item of your choosing.

My order hasn't come in yet?

The majority of the Jewelry Pieces sold on our website are Custom and require some time to Mold, Cast, and Diamond setting if any. Please be patient during this process and we would be happy to give you any updates regarding your order timeline. Give us a call, email or chat with us to discuss any concerns or time constraints.

Shipping and Delivery Policies

How long does it take to receive my final product?

Custom Jewelry:

Because we require a mold impression for your teeth, you will first receive a mold kit we send out to you via USPS First-Class mail which you should receive 7-10 Business Days after your purchase. Once your mold impression is complete and you ship it back to us, the manufacturing of your Grillz will not take longer than 10 Business Days from the day we receive your molds. Depending on which shipping service you paid for, it will be applied to the final product shipment and you should receive it within the estimated time stated when selecting the service.

All in all, the whole process should take roughly 3-4 Weeks to have your final product on hand, assuming everything prior is done accordingly.

Non-Custom Product Orders:

These products are normally always on hand and would not take longer than 24-48 hours to package and ship out to you. We like to take a little time to re-polish the piece just in case there are any blemishes that collect over time.

There are some very rare cases that we sell a product that is no longer on hand that would require us to make and manufacture a brand new one for you. But before doing so we would contact you informing you of the case at hand to get your consent for the wait of a brand new custom piece to be made.

If you have any further questions regarding shipping time and product manufacturing please feel free to get in touch with one of our associates at the contact information provided.


What is your return policy?

NO REFUNDS on ALL Custom Jewelry!


If you are not happy with the item you have purchased, you can get in contact with us on our email or by calling us at (866)329-9264 to file a return for SCRAP VALUE of the precious metals and gemstones on the piece. Ship the item to our return address, after item inspection, the partial return will be processed to the payment method you completed the purchase with. ALL RETURNED ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO A 10% RESTOCKING FEE! ITEM MUST PASS OUR INSPECTION!

After 60 days, if the materials for your custom items have inflated, you will have to pay for the accrued amount.

When can I expect my refund?

Once the refund is approved by our specialist, please allow 48 hours for the refund to process through our payment processor.

I haven't received my refund yet!

There are times that your refund won't be credited to your account within 48 hours. Refunds at the very most can even take up to 5-10 Business Days to be processed into your account. Not to worry, rest assured that your money will be refunded to you once you receive the notification. We kindly ask that you be patient during that time!



  +1 (866) DAYYANI (329-9264)